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Learn whatever you want from the comforts of your own home, save money and a lot of time. Quite often quoted as the greatest revolution in contemporary education, online learning has opened fantastic opportunities for those who wish to learn and broaden their skills.

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  • Trade Cryptocurrency

    Tips on How to Become a Cryptocurrency Trader

    Allright, You Want to Start Cryptocurrency Trading? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Getting started with cryptocurrency trading can be a daunting task. You may be wondering, “What wallet should I use? Where do I buy Bitcoin? What even is a Bitcoin?” Worry no more. We’re here to
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  • deployment_pipeline

    How to Build an Effective Initial Deployment Pipeline

    This post was written by Amin Shah Gilani, JavaScript developer for Toptal. I love building things—what developer doesn’t? I love thinking up solutions to interesting problems, writing implementations, and creating beautiful code. However, what I don’t like is operations. Operations is
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  • Diversify your Cryptocurrency trading portfolio

    How to Build a Proper Cryptocurrency Trading Portfolio

    Coins, Coins Everywhere When starting cryptocurrency trading, the vast number of coins to choose from can be overwhelming. From the thousands out there, how can you possibly decide which few to keep in your portfolio? Although there are an endless amount of strategies when choosing coins,
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  • A Guide to Understanding Software Containers

    Risk vs. Reward: A Guide to Understanding Software Containers

    This post was written by Jonathan Bethune, Python developer for Toptal. Those of us who are old enough can remember a day when software was delivered primarily by physical media. The spread of broadband internet and smartphones has led us to the age of the web service software hosted in the
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