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The Sensible Guide to Forex: Safer, Smarter Ways to Survive and Prosper from the Start is written for the risk averse, mainstream retail investor or trader seeking a more effective way to tap forex markets to improve returns and hedge currency risk. As the most widely held currencies are being devalued, they're taking your portfolio down with them—unless you're prepared.

For traders, the book focuses on reducing the high risk, complexity, and time demands normally associated with forex trading.

For long-term investors, it concentrates on how to hedge currency risk by diversifying portfolios into the strongest currencies for lower risk and higher capital gains and income.

The usual forex materials don't provide practical answers for most retail traders or longer term investors. Virtually all forex trading materials focus on time-consuming, high-leverage, high-risk methods at which most traders fail. Materials about long-term investing in foreign assets rarely take into account the prospects of the related currency. A falling currency can turn an otherwise good investment into a bad one.

Throughout the book, the emphasis is on planning and executing only low risk, high potential yield trades or investments and avoiding serious losses at all costs. Packed with richly illustrated examples every step of the way and including additional appendices and references to online resources, the book is the ultimate guide to forex for retail traders and investors seeking to tap forex markets for better currency diversification and income. Provides traders with safer, smarter, less complex and time-consuming ways to trade forex with higher odds of success. These include the use of such increasingly popular new instruments like forex binary options and social trading accounts that mimic expert traders. Shows investors how to identify the currencies most likely to hold or increase their value, and provides a wealth of ideas about how to apply that knowledge to a long-term, low-maintenance portfolio for both income and capital appreciation. Helps anyone seeking an asset class with low correlation to other markets by explaining how the very nature of forex markets means that regardless of market conditions there's always a playable trend somewhere, regardless of what other asset markets are doing, and how to find and exploit it for a short-term trade or a long-term investment in a currency pair, stock, bond, or other asset

The Sensible Guide to Forex is only book that teaches mainstream risk averse investors and traders how to build a portfolio that’s diversified by currency exposure as well as by asset class and sector, via a variety of safer, simpler methods to suit different needs, risk tolerances, and levels of expertise.

Written by Cliff Wachtel, a 30+ year financial market writer, advisor, and analyst, The Sensible Guide to Forex offers practical solutions to the above dilemmas faced by every serious, prudent investor.

A must own for any informed investor-but don’t take out word for it – see advanced reviews at: http://thesensibleguidetoforex.com/review/

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The Future Price of Bitcoin, A Projection, Based on Past Performance

After much thought and contemplation, I had to come back with another video about bitcoin. The last one I did, focused on the evil government's involvement and the risks, therein. This one was supposed to be about the other side of the bitcoin, but I could not speak of the opportunities and future price, without reminding you that nothing is safe, as long as the dirty, rotten, stinking government has their filthy, parasitic hands all over things which the Constitution says are private!
You're going to be quite surprised to see the projected price of bitcoin, based on the recent past. Yet, it's just a projection and I am sure we won't see it play out, straight and simple, as portrayed in this video
Enjoy the ride and keep saying to yourself, 'It's only a movie!' We all hope things turn out the way I have forecast, but instead, we might all wind up in FEMA camps, guilty of the crime of being part of the subversive bitcoin hoodlum, drug dealing, money laundering mob, as we have been portrayed by the 'Nazi Nightly News'

Today is August 22, 2014 and in the news, Manhattan gets its first bitcoin ATM!
This is surprising to me! NYC, the modern city has an ATM behind so many other towns in the USA and Canada? Is NYC falling behind?
I wrote the script for this video over a period of one week and had to finally settle on the August 17, 2014 date, so I could record it after 25 revisions of the text
There is so much to say about bitcoin and the government influences
I recorded it and the next day, the price of bitcoin fell to $435 and it ruined my video
The next day, it rose to $520 or so and I was cleared for takeoff by that change
Every day, I type in, 'bitcoin' into Google's Advanced search engine and select 24 hours
I want to see what's going on, every day
I just came from a web site that is predicting $6,500 for September of 2014 and the URL is: https://www.tradingview.com/v/aA0zaAFD/
He has sound reasoning, behind this prediction and has set up a logarithmic scale to fairly state his case and it makes perfect sense to me, but I still doubt that price
I know that there will be a rally soon, because it's long overdue and that's why the press is howling at the moon, condemning bitcoin and those who use it; They are trying to lessen the damage done to their corrupt fiat world, but it's hopeless! The world is changing and nobody can stop it! The cat, is truly out of the bag!

My bitcoin videos are being blocked from the bitcoin searches on YouTube
I have searched the first 20 pages of bitcoin results and not one of my videos will show up
Who is trying to stop the people from learning about bitcoin?
Is bitcoin their enemy?
What is it about bitcoin that frightens them?
Bitcoin has a limited supply!
Does that feature threaten the dictatorship?
Bitcoin is better than any of their central bank fiat currencies!
In the end, bitcoin will win and they will all be gone!

See who is buying all the bitcoins:

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Stephen Collie a retired Internet Professional based in Tauranga on the North Island of New Zealand.