Mobile Marketing

Steve Collie: “What are we talking about when we use the term “mobile marketing”? Mobile marketing is the use of mobile media to reach customers with your message. Here are some good sound tips on ways to use mobile marketing in your sales campaigns. Whenever you send out links back to your website, make sure your website has a mobile application. With the right mobile app, your customer should see an abbreviated version of your website designed for mobile use. If your site isn’t friendly to mobile devices your customers will quit visiting your website. Another caution: Websites with a lot of text that run on flash applications can also freeze up a mobile device — or the website may not even be displayed.

Whenever you are providing customers with catalogs, business cards or ads, be sure to generate QR codes. Not all phones have the capability of scanning bar codes, but those with phones that do will appreciate this feature. You can generate QR codes free on the Internet and they may be used as many times as you want. Remember to contact all of your current customers about your mobile capabilities. You should be able to easily convert most of these folks into mobile marketing customers. Let them know the advantages of being a part of your mobile program. “Offer them a free item or a deep discount on a popular product. Explain the benefits of belonging to your program”, Steve Collie says.

Mobile MarketingText messages have a place in mobile marketing, but they must be used in the right way. You should never send long messages, nor should you attach files to your text messages. Smartphones come with different operating systems with different capabilities. You don’t want to freeze your customer’s phone, nor take up all their memory. If you do, you will not be helping your cause. It’s a good idea to send all your text messages during regular business hours. If you are sending messages to other states or countries, keep in mind the different time zones. Often your customers will have their phones turned 24 hours a day. They won’t appreciate being disturbed at 3:00 a.m. with a text message from your business! You can set a time to send your messages so they are received during mainstream hours.

Steve Collie: “Text messages are a great way to build up customer loyalty and goodwill. For instance, if you have just received a really hot product everyone is talking about, send a text to your mobile customers. Let them know you are telling them first. Some businesses even have private sales just for mobile members. When your customers sign up for your mobile marketing program, let them know the types of messages they will receive. You should always provide something of value in your text messages; they should never just be ads. Also, limit the number of messages you send out to one or two a week, no more. If a customer asks to be removed from the list, don’t press them on the reason why. Just remove them and let them know they will be missed.

Mobile marketing is a great way to increase sales and build good relationships with your customers. When used effectively your customers will look forward to hearing from you.

Mobile Marketing by Steve Collie


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About The Broker

Stephen Collie explains: “Anyoption is an online binary options broker. This means that traders who take advantage of their services make trades online in an attempt to predict the movement in prices of underlying financial assets”. As a broker, Anyoption strives to provide top of the line educational materials, an incredibly large list of assets and trade types, as well as a positive overall experience for binary options traders. Today, we’ll look into what they have to offer to see how well they stack up against their competition.

Anyoption Products

Anypotion BrokerAs any successful binary options trader will tell you, having more trade types available to you makes the trading process more fun and profitable. With that said, Anyoption has made it a point to provide all the trade types successful binary options traders have come to know and love and then some!

Here are the products Anyoption broker currently has to offer…

Standard Binary Options – Standard binary options are the most basic of binary option trades. When trading binary options, all you need to do is choose an asset, choose an expiry period, and decide if the price of that asset is going to rise or fall by the end of the expiry period. If you’re correct, you stand to earn returns as high as 70%+!

One-Touch Options – One-touch options are arguably one of the most interesting, and definitely one of the most profitable types of options trades. With one touch options, you don’t need to predict exactly what will happen through the expiry period. Instead, you choose an asset, choose a strike price, and choose an expiry period. As soon as the asset value reaches the strike price, you’re in the money no matter what happens next; hence the term “One-Touch”.

Option + – Option + is a trade that’s unique to Anyoption. Just like your basic binary option, you’ll need to choose an asset, an expiry time, and decide if the price of the asset is going to rise or fall within that period. However, what makes this option unique is that you’ve got the ability to sell your trade back to Anyoption broker if the trade seems like it will perform poorly on second thought. This gives traders a unique tool for managing risk!

0-100 Options – With 0-100 options, you choose an event with a purchase price that’s somewhere between 0 and 100. Then, you predict if the event is going to happen or not. If your prediction is correct, you’ll earn a return of the difference between 100 and the purchase price.

Specials – In specials, you can make predictions on the price of Bitcoin by the end of the day, or where Alibaba’s value will end up at the end of its IPO. There are several different options that are available. All you need to do is choose the option that you feel is most probable.

Anyoption Trading Platform Features

Anyoption has tons of great trading platform features. However, the two that stand out the most are…

Profit Line – The “Profit Line” graph gives traders the ability to follow their trades and see estimated profits or losses in real time; while having the opportunity to purchase options right there from the “Profit Line” screen. This ability rolled into an easy to use platform makes it much easier to become successful trading binary options.

One Click – One click trading speeds up the trading process. That’s because once you click the call or put button, the trade is executed immediately without any further confirmation that would generally slow you down.

Ease of Use – One of the best things about Anyoption is how simple the entire website and platform are to use. Anyoption broker made a point not to convolute their system with unnecessary data, and to take all unnecessary steps out of the trading process. As a result, everything you need to find is available almost immediately. Also, because they’ve taken out all the unnecessary steps we’re used to seeing with other brokers, trading with Anyoption is much more efficient!

Academy Education – “One of the things I liked the most was the trading academy offered by Anyoption” says Stephen Collie. With so many new comers showing interest in binary options trading, Anyoption places a high level of importance on offering educational materials that help these beginners to succeed. In their trading academy, you’ll find the following resources…

Anyoptions BrokerTrading Guides –The trading guides offered at anyoption are incredibly intuitive guides designed to turn the beginner trader into an expert. They cover everything from beginner information like what binary options are and how to trade them to advanced concepts like risk management, advanced trading strategies, and more! With so much detailed information, even the most experienced traders could find value in these trading guides.

Beginner Video on Demand – If you’re a beginner trader, there are a few things that you’re going to need to know to get started. With the Beginner Video on Demand, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started!

Advanced Video on Demand – Once you get a good understanding of what binary options are and how they work, you’re going to want to start looking into advanced concepts. So, Anyoption provides Advanced Video on Demand. In these videos you learn about advanced trading concepts like risk management, advanced strategies, understanding market indicators, and more! These videos are designed to turn you into an expert in just a few hours!

Product Tutorials – Each different option type offered works a bit differently. So, Anyoption provides product tutorials that go over the different trade types in detail in order to teach you how to be successful trading them.

eBook – The eBook offered at Anyoption is an intuitive guide designed to teach you anything and everything you need to know to become a successful trader!

Articles – Finally Anyoption offers a few great options designed to teach beginners exactly what binary options are and how they work.

These articles include…

o What are binary options? – This article gives beginners an in depth understanding of exactly what binary options are and how they work.

o How to trade binary options – This article discusses how simple it is to trade binary options.

o Benefits of binary options trading – Finally, this article discusses the unique benefits associated with trading binary options!

Deposits and Withdrawals

With Anyoption, you can make deposits and withdrawals using the following methods…

Credit Card – You can deposit and withdrawal funds using your American Express, Visa, or MasterCard.

Bank Wire Transfer – You can make deposits and withdrawals via bank wire transfer as well.

Domestic Payments – Depending on your current region, other domestic payment methods may be available to you.

Skrill – You can make deposits using Skrill. However, withdrawals are not currently allowed.

Anyoption Mobile Trading One Click Trading App

As consumers, workers, parents, and investors, we’re pretty busy; that’s why having the ability to trade on the go is so important. anyoption offers a One Click Trading app that gives you the ability to invest fast on an easy to use platform; no matter where you are. The best part is, the Anyoption One Click trading app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets!

Anyoption In-Depth Blog  “Another one of my favorite things about Anyoption is their blog”, says Stephen Collie. It offers hundreds of blog posts that include…

Market Insights – Get detailed market insights based on current news and events. Since as a binary options trader, your job is to predict market movement; these insights give you a unique advantage while trading.

Analysis Video’s – Anyoption also provides in-depth technical analysis videos to give you an idea of where your opportunities in the market lie.

Training Guides – Finally, you’ll find tons of blog posts that will teach you how to become more and more successful as a binary options trader.

Anyoption Overall

Overall, Anyoption provides an incredible service. By providing top of the line educational materials, an incredibly large asset index, multiple trading types, and an overwhelmingly easy to use platform; Anyoption has created a tool that’s perfect for beginner, intermediate, and advanced binary options traders!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money. If you don’t know exactly what affiliate marketing is, it is a way to sell something online without coming up with it yourself. Someone has made a product or is delivering a service, and will pay you to help them sell their product. In return, you have to market and promote their product and find customers and sales for them. This is usually a win-win situation. You are able to make money, and so is the product owner. If you want to be an affiliate marketer, keep reading. Here are some tips.

What you need to do is make sure that you have the right product. If the product is not good, there’s going to be more difficulty for you when you’re trying to sell it. If at all possible, make sure that you try out the product for yourself to see how good it is. If you haven’t used to the product, or don’t like the product, how are you going to be able to convince other people to buy the product?

Affiliate marketing is mostly about the product that you’re selling and the product owner. If you can find a product owner who is offering a great product, you can be can be happy to join up with them. However, you must realize that you are not the only person who is an affiliate. That means that you need to find a way that you can make sure that you stand out more than the other affiliates. How do you do that?

Affiliate MarketingThe first way you can do that is to make sure that you are making a connection with prospective customers. There’s no one like you in the world, and if you can use your personality to make a brand for yourself, you’re going to be able to stand out.

Another way to differentiate yourself from other people is to change the site you are given. When you’re an affiliate, much of the time, marketing materials are set up for you. After all, the product owner wants to sell their product, and likely has some ideas about how that will happen.  This can be a blessing and a curse. Your site is already complete, but it seems like all the other affiliate sites. That is why you have to not take anything for granted and to use any marketing the tree as you get as a guide, rather than as your own affiliate marketing materials. You need to make marketing materials of your own.

You should also join up with some of the people who are doing affiliate marketing. It doesn’t have to be the people who are marketing your products, it can just be a group of Internet marketers. By exchanging ideas with them and getting some suggestions for your own business, you can make sure that you your affiliate marketing business takes off. You can get a lot of advice and support, and people are happy to help you avoid mistakes they may have made themselves.

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about how you can be a success with affiliate marketing, you should have a lot of ideas ready to go. Take your time and use the tips set out in this article. You’re going to find your more successful if you use the information you learned here.


Affiliate Marketing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. The industry has four core players: the merchant (also known as ‘retailer’ or ‘brand’), the network (that contains offers for the affiliate to choose from and also takes care of the payments), the publisher (also known as ‘the affiliate’), and the customer….Learn More


Internet banking is becoming more popular every day

The biggest concern that people have when they start using Internet banking is security. The media is full of scare stories about foreign hackers breaking into thousands of bank accounts and draining out all the money, leaving some poor old couple missing their life savings. Many people have even been scared out of signing up for Internet banking at all by these kind of stories, thinking that it somehow puts them at risk. However, as long as you take the time to learn a little about the Internet, nothing could be further from the truth.

Internet BankingBefore we go any further, there is one thing that is absolutely the most important thing you can know about Internet banking security. It is this: there is absolutely no guarantee that emails are from who they say they’re from. E-mail was designed back before people were concerned about Internet security (that’s why you get so much spam), and if you know what you’re doing, it’s really very easy to make an email look like it came from absolutely anyone, anywhere. With this in mind, you should simply ignore any email that says it comes from your bank, and never click any links that the emails may contain.

That’s the biggest risk out of the way, but there are still a few other things to watch out for. When you go to your bank’s website, make sure that you’ve really ended up at the right place by looking for the address in the address bar towards the top of the screen – it should be the address of your bank’s website, not anything strange. Also, make sure to look for the padlock icon in the bottom-right of your screen, as this tells you that your connection is secure. If you’re ever in doubt, close your web browser and start again, copying the bank’s website address carefully from a letter they sent you. Internet Banking should be convenient and make your financial life easier.

Stephen Karl Collie on Internet Banking

Business People Characteristics

Stephen Collie: “What do the rich and powerful people in business have in common? They live life with a strategy and exhibit characteristics that not all that different from other not-so-successful business people. What’s their secret? They train themselves to keep these characteristics in mind”.

Back in May 2005, Forbes magazine reported that there were 691 billionaires in the world. 1400 people across the world turn into millionaires every day. Want to become one of them? Of course you do. Everyone wants the freedom to do business in the way they choose. There is so much power in running your own business – and having a business that runs itself, which for many people is the ultimate goal.

Wealthy Business PeopleMaking money is not the only goal of becoming an internet millionaire – it’s about freedom. Many people across the world are gifted with experiencing this freedom everyday. How can you become one of these business people? What kind of life, and business, do you want to run? Would you like to be able to check your email from your private plane? These are the kinds of goals many people have in mind when they begin to forge ahead with their business ideas. But the truth is that the wealthy and the successful – the millionaires off and online – have about 9 characteristics in common, not that different from a lot of business people we all know. Most of them exhibit some or all of these. The truth is that we all have the potential for greatness – if we can train ourselves to keep this in mind as we go about our business day.

1. They don’t blame. Successful business people don’t blame others. “Instead of making excuses for bad outcomes, or reassigning responsibility to others, they take time to learn from their own mistakes”, Stephen Collie says.

2. They are decisive. Millionaire-types have a vision. They take quick, decisive action aligned with that vision. Business people are action oriented, always pushing forward toward their goals.

3. They trust their intuition. If something seems like it’s not quite right, they trust that instinct. If an opportunity excites them and sounds like a great idea, they go for it.

4. Stephen Collie: “Business people are singly focused on their CORE business. Successful entrepreneurs may be inspired by ideas, but they always remain true to their vision”. They focus on opportunities that are aligned with their business’s purpose. If you sell retail products on eBay, don’t try real estate investing the next day. They don’t lose focus. They may sell their products on eBay, write articles, focus on joint ventures, and go to marketing seminars, but all of their efforts, and FOCUS, help them move toward their main goals.

5. They are marketing focused. Wealthy business people, including such giants as Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, understand the importance of building on their core business. They hire people with specialties in marketing. They work hard at building their email lists, gaining exposure, and are constantly looking for ways to reaching a wider audience. If you want to build a decent income, you sell products and services. If you want to be insanely rich, then you create and control markets. The key to your business, and creating phenomenal success, is marketing.

6. They understand the importance of continuing education. Successful business people are always learning and drawing from other people’s experiences. They listen to how other people have achieved their success, especially if these people have expertise in another industry. They are constantly learning about new approaches and strategies, and thinking about how they can apply it to their own business.

Business People7. They are not afraid of making mistakes. Any big company online will tell you that they’ve had their share of downfalls, even such giants as eBay or Craig’s List. Mistakes are building blocks for success – by making mistakes, you learn what works, and what doesn’t. You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going. We all make mistakes, and one of the most powerful things you can do is glean feedback from them. Feedback is a great way to learn from your customers and colleagues. You need to look at feedback and take it with a grain of salt – it helps you learn and grow. See your mistakes as learning lessons

8. They model their business for success. Wealthy business entrepreneurs model other people, strategies, and systems. They constantly look for models of success in everyday life and think about how to incorporate these lessons into their own strategy. They even look at their competition for answers. Whatever niche you’re in, subscribe to some industry newsletters, buy their products, and learn HOW they create success.

9. They build a team to rely on. No matter what stage you are in with your business, you’ve got to realize that you simply cannot do it all. You can’t be an expert in everything. You want to create a great team of people. How can you find them? Go to seminars and workshops. Hone your networking skills. You’ll often find that like minded people that are out there constantly learning and attending, seminars and workshops. Getting rich is a team sport. “You have to have people that are cheering you on, encouraging your success”, Stephen Collie says.

These are some inherent characteristics of business millionaires. Can you apply them to your business and your life, too? Of course you can. If you can keep these principles in mind, you’ve got the millionaire mindset. No, you aren’t going to get there overnight. Making a million dollars takes some time. You can’t make a million dollars if you haven’t made your first hundred. So focus on the first hundred, first thousand, and first hundred thousand. “Thinking this way goes a long way toward your goals – finding success, creating wealth, and living the kind of life you want to live, and become one of those successful business people.


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Invest in a new home business

Stephen Collie: “Let’s face it, the majority of us dream of one day starting up and successfully running a new business at home and leaving our miserable jobs behind to become our own bosses”.

And whilst many do just that and at least make a go at running a new business there are even more who never quite stop dreaming about it and find the courage to actually do so.

One of the reasons people give for not starting up a new business is a lack of finance. Well firstly that is a very poor excuse, if you believe in yourself and your own abilities to make a success of your venture then that alone is the biggest investment you can make in running a new business. “Yes, you are the most valuable asset a new business can have, you and your specialist knowledge, your pride in getting a job done properly and having an absolute belief in your own abilities to make a success of running your new business”, says Stephen Collie.

Invest in your own businessLet’s say it again, ultimately you are the only thing worth investing in for running a new business and you don’t cost a penny, dime or cent. So what are you waiting for?? Running a new business is absolutely free, you don’t actually need to invest in it to get it off the ground because all the investment should come from within you and not from a bank or money-lender.

Stephen Collie: “So once you’ve decided to invest in yourself, first in order to get your new business off the ground you are at some point going to have to think some sort of financial investment”. See, eventually money does come into it but it is useless if your business plan is useless or you don’t have the personal wherewithal to actually make a good idea happen and the best place to seek such investment will be your bank.

Stephen Collie: “All banks will have a new business advisory department and they will be more than happy to talk with you of your business plans, so make sure your plan is a good and sustainable one and if it is: they’ll certainly listen and if they like it, they will definitely lend you the money”. It should be said that banks exist for you to borrow for things such as investing in a new business, they like people who are prepared to give it a go and if you demonstrate this and a fierce determination they’ll lend you the money to kick-start your new business.

When investing in starting up and running a new business it is vital that you don’t waste your initial investment on fancy cars, flash offices and a menagerie of staff. Basically, don’t walk before you crawl, all these trappings of success will come in time but to start off creating an image of success ultimately will mean you will fail because the best investment you can make at this stage of running a new business is dedication and hard work, that’s how you achieve lasting fulfillment and success and the trappings that go with it. “If you just want the trappings without the hard work then don’t bother starting your own business because hard work is a better investment than an unearned top-of-the-range motor”, says Stephen Collie.

Reaching to nature for the best metaphor to consider when investing for running a new business, it is a whole lot better to invest in a bag of acorns and watch them grow, yield and flourish than it is to buy a lot of old oaks and see them wither and die.

And finally, again, it should said the biggest and best investment for a new business is you, your idea and your desire to succeed. With these, you can’t go wrong!!


Here are some ideas for a home business:


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