Introducing: BitGold

For quite some time we have been following the developments of a new and innovative platform in the financial industry. BitGold is a Canadian based company that offers savings and payments services globally that allow individuals and businesses to send payments and hold savings with physical gold.

Watch BitGold founders Roy Sebag and Josh Crumb

BitGold allows users to buy, save and transact physical gold bullion with unprecedented simplicity and security. BitGold brings together the ease and convenience of digital payments and online savings with the integrity and stability of gold. Their mission is to make physical gold accessible to everyone and at the same time minimizing or removing fees everywhere possible.

Users of the platform will be able to make secure gold deposits instantly into their free BitGold account. The company accepts many secure payment options, some of which vary by region and include Bank wire, Credit Cards, Interac, JCB and China UnionPay and there is also the option to convert your Bitcoins into your BitGold account.

Once you have made a deposit and it has settled into your account you are free to leave it in your vault, send gold to a friend or family member who is also on the platform, make a payment, redeem back into your local bank account or onto your Prepaid GoldMoney® Mastercard® or redeem as gold bullion.

BitGold Payments & SavingsThe GoldMoney® Prepaid MasterCard® is linked to your BitGold account. You can now redeem part of your gold balance to your Prepaid Card whenever you want to spend your savings gains and use the redeemed funds to make everyday purchases online or offline. Gold is the century’s best performing currency available conveniently in your pocket, accepted at over 33 million merchants worldwide, and available for a cash withdrawal in your own currency from any ATM that accepts MasterCard, Maestro, or Cirrus.

You can use your GoldMoney® Prepaid MasterCard® the same way you use any other credit or debit card. Swipe or insert the card at a retail point-of-sale. Your card is prepaid with your vaulted gold funds which means you will not pay any interest or monthly fees.

Today international boundaries are basically shrinking. Maybe you are looking for an alternative to send gold to USA, China or Australia, or anywhere else, the BitGold platform allows you to transfer real value anywhere for free. Send money online for only a 1% transaction fee.

Folks who register for a free account will get 5% Bonus on their first deposit. Register here for a FREE account.


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